Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Glasgow KSC

We are a group of Killie supporters who either live or work in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We meet up every month or so in the City Centre for a few drinks and some Killie chat. Details of our next meet will be posted here asap.


After taking a break over December & January, we’ll be having our first meeting of 2011 this Thursday (10th February) at the usual venue of Drop on Waterloo Street.

The club have been informed of the date.  As yet, there’s been no indication as to whether anyone from the club will be able to attend – this is understandable due to the club’s revolving door going on a regular basis over the last few weeks.

As per usual, the £10 tickets will be available for upcoming home matches.

Again, we’ll welcome any suggestions people have as to what we can use the club funds for.


Apologies for the late update on our gathering in November.  A massive thanks to the folk that made an appearance on the night, and especially Killie stars Rui Miguel and David Silva.  An enjoyable & interesting evening, Rui & David talked of their experiences in Bulgaria, how they’re enjoying life with Ayrshire’s finest and tattoos.  Rui had his first experience of Scotland’s national drink, Irn Bru (I can pass on a phone number for a good dentist if needed, Rui!)

And a big thanks to Kirsten at the club for allowing the guys to come and chat with us.


Glasgow Killie had their first meeting of the 2010/11 season on Thursday 7th October at Drop on Waterloo Street.   We were joined by two of the younger members of the first team squad, Gavin Brown and Mick Doyle.  It was the first time Gavin and Mick had been invited to a supporters meeting and I’m sure everyone will agree that they had superb debuts and proved to be fantastic guests.

A massive thanks to both lads, they are welcome back any time!  And a massive thanks to the GK supporters who made it along to Drop and contributed to a fantastic night – and suffered the horrific “music” from Sidney Devine on the second floor!  ABBA on acoustic guitar – jeezo!)


Glasgow Killie have been very kindly donated two season tickets for the 2010/11 SPL season.   As a show of appreciation, it has been decided to sell each match ticket for £10.  The proceeds will be split evenly between the ‘Fifty for the Future’ Campaign and to subsidise a Glasgow Killie event.  If you are interested in using one of these tickets, please let us know on the contact details at the bottom of this page.  Please note, if there is high demand, names will be drawn from a hat to ensure all GK members get a fair opportunity at using the tickets.


We’re looking for ideas as to what to do with funds raised from the sale of the two Glasgow Killie season tickets.  As stated above, half of the funds raised will be going to FFTF as a show of appreciation and support for a great Killie cause.  The other half is up for debate!

Some of the ideas mentioned at October’s meeting were the running of a bus to a selected away game, a Glasgow Killie flag and a Glasgow Killie day out at the Park Suite.  If there are any other ideas people want to have considered, please let us know either at the contact details at the bottom of this page or in person at November’s meeting!

We have our own sub-forum on and you can also find us on Facebook!/group.php?gid=141270192582454