Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


The Kilmarnock Supporters Association is very concerned at events at the club and have been in discussion with the Killie Trust and as a result the following statement has been released.


Official Kilmarnock Supporters Statement 11-01-2010

The Kilmarnock Football Club Supporters Association and Killie Trust would like to express our dismay at the current state of the oldest professional club in Scotland, and at the manner in which it is being run. 

We are of the opinion that certain individuals within the club are bringing our good name into disrepute but even more disheartening is that the problems therein seem to lie far deeper than those highlighted in recent media articles, the press revelations have been very embarrassing to the supporters and are proving detrimental to the club. 

The steady decline of our financial stability and performances on the pitch are increasingly worrying and there is a general consensus amongst the support that the current structure of the club is not allowing us to achieve our full potential.

There is a scheduled Kilmarnock Supporters Association meeting arranged for tomorrow Monday (11th January) where we can ascertain what action, if any, will be required to bring about the changes necessary to get the club back on track and moving in the right direction.

Sandy Armour (Chairman, KFCSA): 07774 028434

Barry Richmond (Chairman, Killie Trust): 07832 295860

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The Killie Trust, Tel / Txt : 07832 295860, Web :