Friday, April 18th, 2014


KFCSA Committee

We are always looking to add to our committee and if you are interested in joining please get in touch as we can add to the committee at any time throughout the year.

  • Chairman : Sandy Armour (Killiehippo)
    About : Fanzine Editor, Trust board Member, FFTF Manager, Howard Supporters Club Committee Member & when he has any time left a Killie Pie Eater.
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  • Vice Chairman : James Morrison
    About : Lawyer in local practice. Killie fan for life who lived thro’ the glory days of the ’60′s when the mighty Killie played the likes of Real Madrid !
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  • Secretary : Elaine McCulloch
    About : Local PE Teacher, Killie Fan for almost 20 years and former coach at the Chicago Fire
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  • Webmaster : Matt Watson
    About : Software Developer. Unfortunately, not the Matt Watson from that team!
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  • Commitee Member : Stewart Sinclair
    About : A big Killie fan & Director of a local printing business
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  • Commitee Member :  David Sneddon
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