Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Players Behind Gaffer


Kilmarnock striker Paul Heffernan has insisted all the players at the club are fully behind manager Kenny Shiels and rejected Paulo Sergio’s claims of unhappiness in the Rugby Park dressing room.

The Irish attacker fired Kilmarnock ahead on Saturday only for Suso Santana’s injury-time goal to earn the Gorgie club a point.

In what was a feisty affair, Dieter Van Tornhout and Jamie Hamill saw red while Sergio snubbed a pre and post-match handshake from Shiels following a war of words.

On Friday the Hearts boss suggested some of the Ayrshire side’s players were bad mouthing the Northern Irishman behind his back.

Sergio said: “Now I understand why everybody in the game here is speaking so badly about him.

“He should listen to what his players say about him instead of sticking his nose into other teams’ [business].”

However Heffernan totally rejected those claims, adding: “I have no idea where he got that from, the players are 100% behind what the gaffer is trying to do here,” said Heffernan.

“I think the manager calls it as he sees it, not just to the press but to the players as well.

“If he isn’t happy with something he will tell you, I don’t mind it personally and I am sure none of the lads do either.”

The Dublin-born frontman joined his boss by criticising the condition of the Rugby Park playing surface.

He said: “The pitch is making things very tough, it was a little better today but that was the first time we have played on it for three weeks,” admitted the Dubliner.

“Before today it was almost unplayable, it certainly isn’t ideal for our style of play and we are having to change our tactics for our home games.”

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